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Net post Repair

How to Install a Tennis Net Post

1- Net posts are set 42’ apart for a doubles court. This measurement should be made from the center of one post to the center of the other.

2- Net posts may be permanently installed or they may be set in sleeves, making the removable and allowing use of the court for multiple purposes. We highly recommend that sleeves be used on all net post installations. Net posts set in sleeves make resurfacing and maintenance easier. Net post installation utilizing sleeves may also prevent the future need to dig up the post footing in order to replace bent, rusted or broken posts. Sleeves should be large enough to accept the post to be installed and should be round or square depending upon the type of post to be used. The net post sleeve should be positioned at the center of the footing. Extending the bottom of the footing slightly in the direction of the opposite post may increase its resistance to excessive stress caused by over tensioning the net.

3- Once you have determined the appropriate location for each net post/sleeve, a concrete footer will need to be installed to secure the net posts. Net post footings should be round at the top, not less than 18” in diameter tapering out to a square bottom not less that 30” at the bottom. Footings should be 6” deeper than the local frost depth, but not less than 42” deep. The appropriate depth for a net post footing depends on the particular soil conditions and the amount of freeze-thaw activity at the site. The ground in which footings are set should be firm and unyielding.